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Това е автоматичен превод, генериран от софтуер:

Камера с двойна кола в огледалото за обратно виждане е идеалното решение за тези, които искат да използват дашкам, но не искат да бъдат притеснявани от ежедневната си работа и инсталация. След като LAMAX S7 е инсталиран, няма от какво повече да се притеснявате. Тъй като изглежда като огледало за обратно виждане, можете да го оставите в колата си дори когато сте далеч, благодарение на гумените му ръкохватки. Това означава, че не е изкушаващо за престъпниците. Плюс това, задната камера означава, че можете също да наблюдавате какво се случва зад вашия автомобил или паркиране, като използвате линиите за паркиране.

True Full HD Shots

The LAMAX S7 Dual dashcam shoots high-quality shots in native full HD from the front camera. Thanks to the high resolution and crisp images, details such as license plates are clearly visible. The rear camera shoots in true HD resolution.

Camera Directly on the Rearview Mirror

The greatest obstacle when using a dashcam every day is the need to constantly adjust it, connect it and install it. The S7 Dual can be left permanently in the car and thanks to the fact that it looks just like a rearview mirror, it is not tempting to thieves. The large 4.3“ display to the right doesn‘t obstruct your view and lets you use the mirror for its original purpose even when the display is on.

Perfect Parking

The number of cars is constantly on the increase yet there is less room for them. Parking at a shopping mall, for example, is a growing problem. A parking camera makes parking easy, even in tight spaces. The LAMAX S7 Dual brings an end to such problems. When properly connected, the image from the rear camera and the reversing lines appear on the display when reverse is engaged. Parking is then a breeze.

GPS module for accurate data

With the GPS module, you can see the current speed, coordinates, and other data on the camera display. With the dedicated player, you can then track the course of your entire journey, including a preview of the online maps. In addition to speed, simultaneous recording from both cameras and direction of travel, you can also view G-Sensor data. This helps identify the culprit even for in more complex accidents - for example, when travelling in heavy traffic.

Infinite Recording

The camera allows you to loop record. In the menu, simply set the length of the recording and the camera shoots individual sequences. When the memory card is full, the oldest videos are overwritten with the newest recordings.

Parking mode

You can leave your car unattended and the dashcam will guard it for you. If someone hits your parked car, the G-sensor will record the impact. The camera automatically turns on and begins recording, leaving you with evidence for the police and your insurance company. The display stays off whilst recoding and will not attract the offender’s unwelcome attention.

Delayed Shutdown

The LAMAX S7 Dual allows you to set the shutdown delay if necessary. Once the camera is disconnected from the power supply, it stops recording for the set time and turns off. If there is a sudden disconnection in the power supply, you will not lose the last recording.

Video lock

Any recording can be locked at the touch of a button, to prevent it from being overwritten. The G-sensor monitors the three-dimensional direction of travel and using its set impact sensitivity it automatically locks the recording in the event of an accident.

Dual camera

The LAMAX S7 Dual also includes a rear camera in the basic package. When needed, you’ll have a perfect overview for both parking and everyday driving. The recording taken from the rear camera is stored in a separate folder on the memory card even when using motion detection or parking mode. The rear camera shoots in HD and is connected to the mirror via cable.

Simple controls

The LAMAX S7 Dual car camera is simple to control. Several functions can be turned on or off at the touch of a button without having to browse the menu. Pleasant graphics and icons simplify orientation without distracting from driving. The multi-lingual menu makes control easier and straight forward.

Motion detection

The camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement, very handy when your car is parked. This function is active only when connected to a power supply.

Automatic Recording

Once the camera is connected to the power supply, it automatically turns on and starts recording. So just get in the car, turn the key and the camera will do the rest for you. No need to be bothered about turning it on before you set off.

Lane control

The LDWS function (Lane Departure Warning System) is perfect for long journeys on the highway. The system recognises the dividing lines of each lane and notifies you when you have left them. This improves safety and minimizes the risk of accident due to tiredness or lack of attention.

  • Pack Contents: LAMAX S7 Dual dashcam, Rear camera, GPS module, Cable to connect front and rear camera, USB power cable to cigarette lighter, Rubber rearview mirror mounts, Cable clips, Manual, MicroSD-USB adapter
  • Front camera resolution: 1920 x 1080 30 fps, 1280 x 720 30 fps
  • Rear camera resolution: 1280 x 720 25 fps
  • Display: 4,3“ HD LCD
  • Angle of shot: 140°
  • Video format: MOV
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Memory type: Micro SDHC up to 32 GB
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Length of connecting cable: about 5 m
  • Grid frequency: 50/60 Hz

Параметри и спецификации

Носител за съхранение

Micro SDHC (max 32 GB), Micro SDHC



Цвят на производителя


Поддържани формати


Max Video Resolution

1920x1080 (front camera), 1280x720 (back camera)



Навигационная система



10,9 cm

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