Levenhuk Blaze PRO 100 Spotting Scope

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Levenhuk Blaze PRO 100 Spotting Scope

The most powerful high-aperture model in the series of professional-level Levenhuk Blaze PRO Spotting Scopes. This model features magnification up to 75x; the objective lens diameter is 100mm. This spotting scope is compatible with amateur telescopes due to its optical capacities. Additionally, its shell features protection from bad weather; the optics do not fog up, and magnification is variable in a wide range. Levenhuk Blaze 100 PRO will be a true treasure to an explorer of wildlife in its diversity. The design uses high-quality glass optics that consist of a high-aperture zoom objective lens, a seven-element eyepiece and coated lenses. Altogether, they deliver a detailed picture of wonderful quality with correct color rendition. You will be able to see a sharp and clear image with correct undistorted objects’ outlines across the whole field of view even at dusk and in predawn hours. The angled eyepiece will be very useful during observations in the circumzenithal area. Those who love taking pictures of natural landscapes will appreciate the adaptability of this spotting scope to a tripod. The completely waterproof shell is also worth mentioning. It does not let water penetrate and protects the optics from rain, dust and dirt. The nitrogen filling securely prevents the lenses from fogging during abrupt temperature changes. The kit includes a small tabletop tripod necessary for observing at high magnification: that minimizes image trembling. Specifications. Objective lens diameter (aperture): 100 mm. Magnification: 25–75x. Field of view: 1,7–0,9°. Close focus: 10 m. Field of view: 30–16 m/1000 m. Eye relief: 20-18 mm. Exit pupil diameter: 4–1,33 mm. Eyepiece barrel diameter: 1,93 mm. Body material: plastic. The kit includes: Spotting Scope, Metal table tripod, Eyepiece and objective lens caps, Cleaning wipe, Case for storage and transportation, User manual and lifetime warranty. Weight: 3,6 kg. Package size: 53 × 20 × 15 cm.

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