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Peaky Blinders Original Music From The TV Series (3 LP)

Грамофонни плочи | Код на продукта: 0602508156502 | ID: 352189

Peaky Blinders Original Music From The TV Series (3 LP)
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Peaky Blinders Original Music From The TV Series (3 LP)


A1 –Tommy (144) 'It's Not A Good Idea...' 0:03
A2 –Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Red Right Hand 6:10
A3 –The White Stripes St. James Infirmary Blues 2:24
A4 –Martin Phipps Truce - From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 1 (Score) 3:00
A5 –Tommy (144) '...This Is The Day We Become Respectable' 0:08
A6 –Dan Auerbach The Prowl 3:17
A7 –Polly (25) 'There's Only One Thing...' 0:04
A8 –Jack White (2) Love Is Blindness 3:22
A9 –PJ Harvey To Bring You My Love 5:31
B1 –Alfie (21) 'I've Heard Very Bad...Things About You...' 0:07
B2 –Black Rebel Motorcycle Club River Styx 3:52
B3 –Paul Hartnoll Post Irish Meeting - From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 2 (Score) 3:00
B4 –PJ Harvey Red Right Hand 2:50
B5 –Laura Marling What He Wrote 4:07
B6 –Arthur (67) 'By Order Of The Peaky Blinders' 0:16
B7 –Royal Blood (6) Come On Over 2:51
B8 –Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know? 4:32
C1 –Tommy (144) 'I Promise, I'll Make Us Safe' 0:06
C2 –Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Breathless 3:13
C3 –Radiohead You And Whose Army? 3:11
C4 –Polly (25) 'A Woman Of Substance And Class' 0:05
C5 –PJ Harvey This Is Love 3:45
C6 –Dickon Hinchliffe Sons - From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 3 (Score) 2:00
C7 –Tommy (144) 'You Can Change...' 0:05
C8 –Queens Of The Stone Age Burn The Witch 3:37
C9 –The Last Shadow Puppets Bad Habits 3:01
C10 –David Bowie Lazarus 6:22
D1 –Tommy (144) 'Sex, Freedom, Whiskey Sours...' 0:08
D2 –Savages (2) Adore 5:04
D3 –Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Mercy Seat (Live From KCRW) 5:11
D4 –Rachel Unthank & The Winterset I Wish 6:24
D5 –Antony Genn Ballad Of Polly Gray - From 'Peaky Blinders' Original Soundtrack / Series 4 (Score) 3:00
D6 –Tommy (144) 'I'm Not A Traitor To My Class...' 0:12
D7 –Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Devil Inside Me 2:58
E1 –Foals Snake Oil 4:21
E2 –Polly (25) 'It's In Our Gypsy Blood...' 0:10
E3 –Radiohead Pyramid Song 4:48
E4 –Laura Marling A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall 3:55
E5 –Ada (27) 'So, Tommy Shelby, MP. Business As Usual' 0:06
E6 –Black Sabbath The Wizard 4:22
E7 –Anna Calvi Papi Pacify 4:22
F1 –Joy Division Atmosphere 4:10
F2 –Tommy (144) 'You Need To Understand That...For Those Who Make The Rules, There Are No Rules' 0:06
F3 –Anna Calvi You're Not God 3:00
F4 –Arthur (67) 'There's A Bentley Outside...' 0:07
F5 –Jehnny Beth I'm The Man 3:18
F6 –Idles Never Fight A Man With A Perm 3:48
F7 –Tommy (144) 'I Will Continue Until I Find The Man I Can't Defeat' 0:08
F8 –Richard Hawley Ballad Of A Thin Man 6:44

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