Inmotion L8F

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Inmotion L8F

Това е автоматичен превод, генериран от софтуер:

Този електрически сгъваем скутер ви позволява да се движите бързо и да се забавлявате. Елегантен дизайн, ниско тегло, амортисьори отпред за комфортно каране, перфектен LCD дисплей, който ви информира за текущата скорост, състоянието на батерията, пътуваното разстояние и интелигентното LED предно, странично и задно осветление за безопасно шофиране. Всичко това прави L8F идеален спътник за вашето пътуване. Лесно е да се използва и да се сгъва - отнема само 3 секунди, за да се сгъне / разгъне. Благодарение на усъвършенстваната технология и използването на батериите LG / SONY, тя може да достигне до 35 км с едно зареждане. Максималната скорост е 25 км / ч. Приложението за Smartphone Bluetooth е безплатно за допълнителни настройки. Общо тегло: 11. 7 кг. Ъгъл на катерене: 15 °. Максимална товароподемност: 100 кг. Размери (разгъната): 1056 х 1100 х 430 мм.

Параметри и спецификации


201 - 300 W

Максимално разстояние

Повече от 31 km

Максимална скорост

21 - 30 km/h



Body shines with the light of future

  • We believe everyone can be their own designers.DIY your lighting system to make your E-Scooter L8/L8F special Front lamps support 65535 types of color combinations.

To be eye-pleasing and outstanding

  • INMOTION E-Scooter L8/L8F integrates scientific technologies and vogue. The entire body is composed of concise clear lines and eye-catching symbols, impressing you at first glance.

Warning taillights remind followers

  • Highlight warning lights are configured on the rear wheel hub at both sides. When you press the brake, the warning lights are red on to remind following drivers and pedestrians.

Foldable design lets you enjoy slow life efficiently

  • With the creative and efficient foldable design, handles can be folded with the scooter body, minimizing the size of the scooter and saving space. The size of the folded scooter is 0.067 m3, resolving the storage problem with ease.

Portable design makes travel convenient

  • To better resolve scooter conveyance and carriage problem, we design two auxiliary wheels under the E-scooter L8F. With the handlebar integrated with the scooter body, you can take the scooter with you at ease wherever you go.

Simple operation enables you to go freely

  • We always pursue more user-friendly design through our products. E-Scooter L8/L8F cancels the switch button and adopts the simpler slide switch mode. This mode enables the scooter to automatically switch on when the sliding speed reaches 3 km/h. The notification LED indicators equipped on handles at both sides accompany you in each journey with user-friendly design.

Dynamic batteries allow you to go courageously

  • The high-power, high-safety 18650-sized lithium battery supplies continuous and high power with large magnification. With ultra-high performance and excellent design performance, the battery is safe and durable. There are 15km and 35km mileage versions of battery life available.

Robust core provides powerful dynamics

  • L8F uses 36V 250W motor to provide continuous, stable, and powerful dynamics output and brings you comfortable and gentle riding experience. 

Motor-level suspension and shock absorption enable you to ride on roads of any conditions

To be funny and safe

  • We have been trying to find a balance between fun and safety. Only when protection is achieved, can you enjoy your riding completely. L8 scooter adopts electronic and physical brake systems to implement efficient braking and quick response, reassuring you of riding safety.

Smart App links you with your scooter

  • INMOTION E-Scooter L8/L8F can connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth. With the smart App, you can not only monitor riding speed and remaining power but also change the riding speed, lock the scooter, and detect in real time, optimizing your riding experience. The DIY function allows you to design your own light effect for L8/L8F.

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