Levenhuk Skyline BASE 50T Telescope

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Levenhuk Skyline BASE 50T Telescope

Levenhuk Skyline BASE 50T Telescope is a "junior" model in Levenhuk Skyline BASE product line designed for beginner astronomers. This refractor is ideal for the first astronomy observations: it features easy assembly, main accessories are already included in the kit, and moreover, even a kid can operate this telescope. You can observe terrestrial objects, the Moon and planets of the Solar System with Levenhuk Skyline BASE 50T. The lenses in the refractor are made of glass and are fully coated. Due to that, the telescope creates a sharp and contrast image even at the maximum magnification. An optical finderscope with a 5x magnification is used for finding celestial objects. An alt-azimuth mount requires no special skills for operating the telescope and allows for quick pointing at observed objects. The kit includes two eyepieces: one eyepiece provides a 150 x magnification, the other – a 30 x magnification. There is one more accessory, a diagonal mirror necessary for terrestrial observations. It allows for observing the surrounding world the ordinary way (upright) as telescopes flip the image upside down. The diagonal mirror compensates for that. The telescope is mounted on a lightweight aluminum tripod. The legs height is adjustable: that allows for adjusting the telescope to the observer's height. An accessory tray is easily fixed on a tripod.

The kit includes: telescope optical tube, alt-azimuth mount, aluminum tripod with an accessory tray, 5 x 24 optical finderscope, SR4mm (150 x) eyepiece, H20mm (30 x) eyepiece, diagonal mirror, manual. Optical design: refractor. Optics material: optical glass. Optics coating: fully coated. Objective lens diameter (aperture): 50 mm. Focal length: 600 mm. Highest practical power: 100 x. Focal ratio: f/12. Eyepieces: SR4mm (150 x), H20mm (30 x). Eyepiece barrel diameter: 0,965. Finderscope: optical, 5 x 24. Tripod: aluminum. Telescope control: manual. Mount: alt-azimuth AZ1. Optical tube material: aluminum. Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old. Colour: Black/Silver

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