Shimano Aerlex 10000 XSB

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Shimano Aerlex 10000 XSB

Това е автоматичен превод, генериран от софтуер:

Голяма шаранска макара, също подходяща за повърхностно покритие. Оборудвана с AR-C ролка и Aero Wrap II линия, тя надеждно обработва леене на дълги разстояния. Със съотношението 4.6: 1, тя обгръща впечатляващата 100 см линия на коляно. Две сачмени лагери от неръждаема стомана (SSS) и един ролков лагер осигуряват безпроблемна работа и висока мощност.


  • Line capacity: 0.35 mm/400 m
  • Weight: 645 g
  • Maximum drag: 15 kg


  • AR-C spool - the new V-spool reel design allows the reel to be unwound in smaller loops, resulting in much longer and more accurate casts, while minimizing the risk of line tangling thanks to its shaped edge
  • Aerowrap II - by reducing the friction during unwinding, far better results are achieved, as far as distance and accuracy are concerned, all thanks to tight parallel wound with two Dyna-Balance oscillation speeds - to ensure smooth running through the unwind reduction system of the winch
  • Super Stopper II - improved one-way bearing functionality. The winch is blocked back so effectively that no pull on the winch handle is felt
  • Power Roller - its special grooved design significantly reduces the risk of line twisting during reeling, effectively preventing this unwanted effect even when using thicker line diameters
  • Easy Maintenance - service hole allowing reel lubrication without removing it. Each S and SR winch is equipped with a small lubrication hole
  • 2 Speed ​​Oscillation - Improved line laying with two-speed oscillation. When the rotor is rotated, the coil moves up fast and down slowly, thus the coil being wound does not touch the unrolled line, giving a greater throw distance
  • Instant Drag - Instant Drag allows you to set the free spool to combat mode in a few turns

Параметри и спецификации

Размер макара / шпули




Gear Ratio


Line Capacity

0,35mm - 400m / 0,40mm - 300m / 0,45mm - 200m


645 g

Drag Power

15 kg

Extra Spool





Single Machined Aluminium

Waterproof drag


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