Fender F'' Grip 351 Shell 3 Pack

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Fender F'' Grip 351 Shell 3 Pack

A set of 3 picks with the classic look of a multi-ply pickguard to the F-Grip pick. Substantial, clever and distinctively Fender, these 3-ply celluloid picks feature an engraved F-shaped logo in the top ply that reveals the middle layer and creates an unyielding grip. Its unique beveled-edge design adds a touch of treble to your tone while allowing you to pick faster. Play with confidence and style—it’s in your hands.

Specifications: Model Name: F Grip 351 Picks, Shell, 3 Pack. Series: F Series. Country Of Origin: US. Color: Shell. Dimensions: 0.03x2.50x4.25 IN. Weight: 0.05 LB.

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