Syma X8 PRO Quadrocopter RTF

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Syma X8 PRO Quadrocopter RTF

Quadcopter with camera and GPS module. You are able to know where the drone is and make it return to the takeoff point easily. The Headless Mode allows beginners to fly with the maximum freedom after taking the drone out of the box. The built-in barometer enables the drone to hover steadily at the same height, so you can take smooth videos and clear photos with the WiFi camera.

Specification: GPS-based positioning and return for keeping track of your drone and recalling it. 720p WiFi camera presents the real-time FPV directly on your mobile phone. Altitude Hold keeps the quadcopter staying at a certain height in the air. Functions of automatic orbiting or following. One Key Takeoff/Landing - much easier to make the drone ascend/descend. Battery 2000mAh with flying time 8 - 9 mins and charging time less than 150 mins. Size: 50 x 50 x 19 cm (including propellers and prop guards)

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